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If you ask to any of our attorneys why they became lawyers, the answer comes easy: they were born to do this. Our attorneys were born to help people and businesses overcome their legal problems by channeling their knowledge, energy, and creativity into an effective legal representation. You either have this capacity or you don’t — and Avanti lawyers have it, in spades. “Most attorneys know where to find the law — after all we all have a law degree, we all know the rules and we all should be able to get things done one way or the other. But, not all attorneys care about their clients and not all attorneys are willing to put their skin in the game to solve a client’s problem in a personalized, creative, practical, and cost-effective way. That’s what set us apart.” Robert A. Alvarez, Esq. co-founder.

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Alma Deleon, Litigation Paralegal Supervisor

Jessica Guzman, Immigration Paralegal Supervisor

Peisly Guzman, Accountant

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