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Our Fees

Avanti Law Group’s legal fee approach is at the cornerstone of our firm structure. Our management, organization and office spaces are designed to reduce overhead.

Unlike most other firms, we do not pass through to our clients our overhead charges. Our clients do not pay for typical long-distance telephone calls, local travel, standard U.S. postage or even the significant charges associated with our use of most legal research databases.

We are open to any creative billing arrangement that is fair. Some of the alternative billing structures we offer, includes:

  • Flat fees;
  • Value-based billings with incentives for results that exceed expectations;
  • Monthly retainers for day-to-day advice;
  • Reasonable hourly fees; and
  • Percentage fees, success-based fees and other fee incentives to achieve your goals.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans to those who qualify.

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