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8 Reasons to Choose Avanti

  • WE HAVE SKILLS. We stack our professional accomplishments against anyone else’s. Our attorneys have the passion, language, and experience to get you the results you want.
  • WE CARE. We make it our business to know you, your business, your industry and the legal and market trends affecting it.
  • WE ARE BOLD. We have great passion for what we do. We are young, aggressive, and committed. For us, it’s far more than just being confident. This is what we were born to do.
  • WE KEEP IT SIMPLE. Our goal is to get the deal done both effectively and efficiently. We guard against delivering work that may sound academically appealing but that is impractical and expensive.
  • WE PROVIDE THE BUDGETARY CERTAINTY YOU NEED. We refuse to apply the “one size fits all” rule to the practice of billing for legal services. At Avanti, we help individuals and companies customize their legal expending with the use of alternative billing arrangements.
  • WE GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT. We combine specialization with imagination to create innovative and successful solutions to your legal issues and challenges. We’ll do whatever is legal and necessary to get the results you want. Period.
  • WE ARE AVAILABLE. If you need us, send us a Tweet, Facebook message, email, text message, give us a phone call, or simply stop by. We are available when you are.
  • WE ARE DIVERSE. As both, a Women-Owned and Minority-Owned law firm, we strongly believe that diversity is an important ingredient in the “how” that delivers the most innovative solutions to your legal needs.

“Simply put, we are different. Most law firms provide legal services focusing on lawyers and not customers. Their practice model relies on large numbers of people billing large numbers of hours, often without regard for the value of the work to the customer. At Avanti Law Group, when we take your case, all of our creativity, commitment, know-how and resources, are channeled only into pursuing the results you need without breaking your bank account.” Jason P. Ronning, Esq.

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