About Avanti Law



is the Italian word for forward

Specializing in immigration law, criminal defense, divorce, child custody issues, civil litigation, and wage and hour cases, we bring the “Avanti” message to every case we handle.  We look ahead, not only to anticipate legal obstacles, but to proactively address these issues in order to obtain the best end result for our clients. We measure our success not in hours billed, but instead by the result and satisfaction we bring to our clients.

Our experienced, bilingual lawyers are from your community.

We are attorneys. But we are also mothers, fathers, single parents, friends, spouses, business owners, children, immigrants, adventurers, divorcees, dog lovers, care givers, gardners, travel lovers, practical jokers, mountain climbers, landlords, Sumo wrestlers, volunteers, gamers, and comedians. We are a family. Our life experiences allow us to understand our clients and their goals and empower us to provide outstanding legal representation. 

What does success look like for our clients?  A family reunited after being separated by deportation, a parent able to spend the holidays with their kids for the first time in years, someone sleeping soundly for the first night in months after a non-guilty verdict, or an ex-employee vindicated and finally paid for the work they did.

Our staff, who are the cornerstone of our superior customer service, are as dedicated to our clients as the attorneys that make up our firm. 

Do you need a Spanish-speaking attorney?

We are a diverse, minority- and women-owned business. If you require any of our services in either English or Spanish, we have a team of bilingual lawyers ready to assist you. Many of us have grown up in West Michigan and know the local community well. We continue to care about and support our local community, and seek to help the communities that we serve to be empowered.

Equal Opportunity

Avanti Law values and celebrates its minority status. It is Avanti’s policy to ensure equal employment opportunity without the discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, disability, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by the law.

Our commitment to diversity is an integral part of every facet of our firm, including our recruitment, hiring and training efforts and the organizations we belong to and programs we sponsor.